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Are contraception effectiveness percentages per-user or per-use?

Neither. The percentages given are the percentage of couples using that method who will conceive over a year. So if 100 people use that 98% method, 2 will get pregnant each year. Here is a page ...
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Are there reasons why fertility awareness methods of family planning are not widely promoted?

Fertility awareness methods are slightly different from the others in that they require you to have self control and not have sex when you might otherwise want. Many people don't like to do this. In ...
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How to check if condoms are good to use?

Fill them with water. If they leak, they're bad. Just keep in mind they're not meant to withstand pressure, so don't fill them to bursting. Use just enough water to show if there are any leaks.
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Late taking birth control pill

Birth control pills omitted for one day and having unprotected sex will not result in pregnancy if you have taken missed pill and the pill you should been taking on Wednesday. Birth control pills ...
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Are there any long term health risks for a woman (and/or her children) when using hormonal birth control?

Yes. ...
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