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Why does Finasteride effeminize men despite it increasing serum testosterone and inhibiting estrogen production?

Finasteride inhibits conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This is also why it is used to prevent androgenic alopecia. DHT is considerably more potent than testosterone in the ...
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Effect of turmeric/curcumin to block estrogen and hence reduce gynecomastia

The following comprehensive scientific sources do not even mention any relationship between turmeric/curcumin and gynecomastia: Turmeric, Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, Turmeric, ...
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Do Tamoxifen and other similar SERMs reduce chest fat chronically or permanently?

A double-blind crossover study of placebo and the antiestrogen tamoxifen in ten men with gynecomastia of diverse etiology showed that: The reduction of breast size was partial and may indicate the ...
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Can gynecomastia breast tissues be dissolved?

No, it's not true that the breast tissue caused by gynecomastia can never go away. According to the Mayo Clinic (emphasis mine): Most cases of gynecomastia regress over time without treatment. ...
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What is the mechanism of action of tamoxifen and other SERMs on Gynecomastia?

According to this review article: Estradiol and, to lesser degree, other estrogens, increase proliferation of breast epithelium and stroma and, consequently, increase the chances of mutation in ...
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Effect of turmeric/curcumin to block estrogen and hence reduce gynecomastia

There seems to be no clear and direct evidence for this. But a few angles might be worth exploring: Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulations found curcumin to be a stable inhibitor of aromatase (Singh et ...
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Can gynecomastia breast tissues be dissolved?

First, vitamin D supplementation does not seem to increase testosterone levels. Most high quality trials see either no increase, or a very very small one: ...
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