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Effects of masturbation on Health

Short Answer Masturbating does not decrease fertility or sex drive Long Answer Historically, masturbation was discouraged for a variety of reasons including the thought that it lead to mental ...
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How does my body know how long a month is?

Just as a small background before answering your question: as suggested in the previous answers, the menstrual cycle is regulated by complex interactions between the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian (...
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What influences vaginal odor?

This is an interesting question, which comes frequently on Health SE. First, here a small background on vaginal secretions: More than 30 compounds have been described in the vaginal secretions. ...
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Is biking linked to erection- or fertility problems?

A decade ago, a study (1) reviewed the evidence regarding the effect of cycling on impotence (due for example to pudendal nerve entrapment) and the effect of repeated scrotal temperature on ...
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Do uteruses return to their original size after a full-term birth or are they slightly bigger than one that's never grown?

Does the uterus return to its original (pre-pregnancy) size after a full term birth? Good question. No. Uterine involution, the return of the uterus to the nonpregnant state postpartum, does involve ...
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Is there any cure for congestive prostatitis?

Thank you for the very interesting question regarding the prostate. Let me first briefly explain a few historical confusions regarding the nomenclature of prostatic disorders with particular attention ...
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Why do age-related DNA transcription errors not manifest in children as readily as their parents?

Older paternal (and maternal) age in fact is associated with some increase in disease, though at fairly low rates. Cancer is largely a disease of probability. One does not need to have mutations in ...
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Effects of masturbation on Health

There are no relevant researches that links the two things. Moreover, some specialists say that masturbation can prevent, or at least decrease, the risk of develop a prostate cancer. Keep in mind that ...
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What is the dispersion of woman's ovulation day around the mean value which is 14th day?

Dispersion is roughly 12 days This study found that only 10% of those with a regular cycle of 28 days had ovulation in the 14th day, dispersion was from day 10 up to day 22. In this study, only 69 out ...
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Does a hot bath effect fertility in men?

Closely Related to: What is the latest evidence on underwear affecting sperm count? Elevated temperatures are thought to decrease sperm counts in males. Elevated temperatures ...
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Is orgasm necessary for long-term male sexual health?

The only risks I've heard about is one 20-year longitudinal study on prostate cancer (last update published in 2016.) Evidence suggests that ejaculation frequency may be inversely related to the risk ...
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What is the probability that a couple has no common defective gene?

"If a couple has no common defective gene, they can produce a big healthy population from just two people, right?" No. As described in the review "The genetic basis of disease" ...
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