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Are websites that make medical claims to cure herpes actually a scam?

For example, this website makes the following medical claims: You will permanently get rid of HSV, and it will not come back as long as you are not infected again from another person who has the ...
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Why can't we "heal" Tinnitus by destroying the corresponding neurons?

So, my basic understanding is this: A neuron can either send a signal, or not. Sending a signal costs energy & work (and the neuron might only survive so and so many send-cycles). So let's say the ...
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Voluntaries to get rid of Covid-19 [closed]

What are the requirements for anyone who wants to come to the USA as a volunteer to find a cure to Coronavirus ? Im not afraid if i get infected or die. I just want to do something that is worth ...
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Is walking pneumonia aka mycoplasma pneumoniae curable?

The cold is considered incurable although it has a treatment. Does walking pneumonia fall in this category? Someone I know says they were told the bacteria never leaves their body, and so they have ...
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How to share a cure?

How does a person share a cure for a disease? Through trial and error a normal Joe or Jane Smoe finds a cure to a disease that has no other cure what is the best way to get it validated? For example,...
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Why not getting rid of Toxoplasmosis pathogens completely?

I read it that a high percentage of mammals, including humans, carry parasites that cause Toxoplasmosis. Through my reading, it appears that it isn't really a "serious" disease. Nevertheless, ...
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Is there any cure for type 2 diabetes?

Is there any current cure for diabetes?
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How promising is the engineered bs-bnAb as an HIV-1 therapeutic intervention?

I found that a lot of sites talk about this news: a research team from Hong Kong university invented a universal antibody drug for HIV-1 and they tested that in mice news source. Basically, they ...
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Can induced deafness cure tinnitus

Some forms of tinnitus are caused by damage to the microscopic hairs in the inner ear, that, once damaged, can send electrical signals that cause the ringing sound. So wouldn't that mean that just ...
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What VR app that cure myopia? [closed]

Is there an app that can cure myopia, or provide therapy to exercise the eye to focus on objects that "seem" like a certain distance?
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What is the solution for Chikungunya?

In India many of the people are hugely affected by Chikungunya disease and doctors couldn't wipe out this disease here. In our locality almost every household has some Chikungunya patients. Is there ...
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Can you cure an allergy by repeatedly consuming the allergen?

I've been reading about immunotherapy, and in particular, allergy drops. My understanding is that by taking small amounts of an allergen by any route of administration, you restore tolerance to that ...
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Is Myopia Reversible/Curable?

Myopia, meaning short sightedness is said to develop when eyes are exposed to excessive strain. But what I've failed to understand properly is whether myopia can be reversed or cured in any manner? ...
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Will there never be a cure for cancer? [closed]

They've yet to come up with anything except pumping you with poisons that merely give you an extra year or two to live while you suffer humiliating side-effects. When you ask experts about why they'...
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Scrotal swelling affecting a child [closed]

I would like to know any better remedies except operation available for scrotal swelling in a child ? My sister's son is affected with this... why does it occur for 1 and half year child? And is ...
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Why don't leave HIV infected people in aseptic environment until they're cured?

Sorry if the question is silly, but this is something that has been around my head for years: As far as I know, the HIVirus feeds itself out of the inmune cells (from Wikipedia, emphasis mine): ...
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Which infectious diseases only require a one-off intervention for treatment, cure or prevention?

I am writing an article about vertical vs. horizontal health programmes. I read that vertical programmes (health care programmes that aim to combat specific diseases) are more suited for diseases that ...
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Any cure for epidermolysis bullosa? [closed]

My young cousing has this skin disease, and that's awful. Any possible cure for this disease?
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What makes Cialis cure Erectile Dysfunction permanently?

Referring to this published paper Efficacy and safety of once-daily tadalafil in men with erectile dysfunction who reported no successful intercourse attempts at baseline. The posttreatment ...
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