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Risk of transmitting HSV1 on mouth to someone else during oral sex

I asked this question before and it was incorrectly tagged as duplicate of this. Now I will explain why this is not a duplicate. There is also this question, but also that one doesn't contain correct ...
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Likelihood of passing HSV1 when no sores are present

Prior research: WHO Says Both HSV-1 and HSV-2 are most contagious when sores are present, but can also be transmitted when no symptoms are felt or visible. Question: My problem is I am looking for ...
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Are websites that make medical claims to cure herpes actually a scam?

For example, this website makes the following medical claims: You will permanently get rid of HSV, and it will not come back as long as you are not infected again from another person who has the ...
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Modern explanation of the Burkitt's lymphoma geography [closed]

In Dr. Arnold Levine "Viruses", a book published in 1991, it's noted that while association between Burkitt's lymphoma and the Epstein-Barr virus is established, the correlation between the ...
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Why are mRNA vaccines not yet available against other diseases?

The mRNA vaccines against developing COVID-19 are obviously the first approved mRNA vaccines. We are probably at the beginning of an mRNA vaccine evolution. I've recently read a very interesting ...
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What's the difference between oral and genital herpes?

I was wasting time on TikTok, and I saw this video making awareness and trying to end stigma against herpes, and I got the idea from it that oral herpes was of the exact same type as the genital ...
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Why Herpes Vaccine Hasn't Been Discovered Yet While Corona Vaccines Find Its Way Within A Year? [closed]

There is one question constantly running in my mind: how were COVID-19 vaccines discovered in a very short time span, but Herpes did not find its way even after years of painstaking research?
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What is topical snuff?

I am reading Burket’s Oral Medicine, Chapter - 4 on ‘Ulcerative, Vesicular, And Bullous Lesions’. Under Herpesvirus infections, the author has this to say: Animal studies on hamster cheek pouches ...
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What is the clinical difference between cold sores (HSV-1) and herpetiform canker sores?

Both cold sores and herpetiform canker sores can present as multiple lesions in the oral mucosa. Cold sores tend to present as multiple painful fluid-filled lesions while herpetiform aphthous ulcer (...
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How can genital herpes be transmitted even with a condom?

I have read from various sources that, although the use of a condom does reduce the risk of transmission, it does not completely rule it out. Just how does that happen? Assuming that there are no ...
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Can a mucocele on the lip pop up and become a canker sore?

Is this a normal feature? Or, if this happens, it has to be an herpes sore? Are there mucoceles (because of a bite, for example) that lay a sore? Thank you.
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Contagiousness of lip herpes in the work environment?

I just started working in a chemistry lab and found out on my first day that someone in the same lab as I am has lip herpes. I am a habitual nailbiter, and while this would be a great opportunity to ...
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Herpes: would prophylaxis H202 3% or alchol 70% decrease risk of infection from exposure?

If someone was to kiss someone else with herpes, would approximately 3% H2O2 or 70% alcohol offer a proven risk reduction immediately after an exposure (within the hour for instance)? I'm looking for ...
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How infectious is herpes?

My grandparents both have facial herpes around their lips and I have just spent a weekend with them. On arrival I was unaware of their conditions and therefore hugged them and allowed them to kiss ...
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Can herpes spread if an infected (nonactive) person takes a bite of your burger?

A friend of mine suffers from Herpes (HSV) infection. He only told me about the same about 2 months back when we last met. Yesterday, at a restaurant he took a bite out of my burger twice. when I ...
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A diabetic contact of herpes zoster patient

Should a patient of herpes zoster who successfully take medications for a month (pain and rash disappear) avoid contact with a diabetic patient and what are the precautions when dealing with each ...
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Is bottled green tea just as beneficial as loose leaf green tea from tea shops? [closed]

There's a tasty and cheap, cold bottle of green tea that I've been buying daily for 2.75 per bottle. Most grocery stores sell it. It is unsweetened, supposedly made from loose leaf tea and has ...
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Should I kiss my wife

My wife currently has a cold sore. I currently don't. I've had cold sores before, which means that (most probably) HSV-1 lies dormant somewhere in my body. If I kiss my wife while she is has a cold ...
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HSV transmission

Can someone with HSV1 acquire HSV2 by giving oral sex?
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how likely is it to contract genital HSV1 if you already have oral HSV1? [duplicate]

I've encountered several pieces of conflicting information about susceptibility to genital HSV1 for a partner already infected with oral HSV1. Some sources seem to suggest the risk of genital ...
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Can I spread Shingles to other parts of my own body?

I've got shingles. Yuck. It is possible for me to accidentally spread it to other parts of my own body? If the virus is on my fingers (from touching the blisters, I suppose) and I touch my eye, could ...
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Can shingles on one part of my body spread to another?

I broke out with shingles to my face. Can I spread the virus to other parts of my own body (for example, to my nasal mucosa) by scratching? I've googled and found contradictory information. Some ...
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Is herpes simplex/cold sore on the thigh considered a sexually transmitted disease?

When I was a kid I got a cold sore / herpes simplex (1, I think) on the thigh. As far as I know, I haven't had any cold sores on the actual genital area, and it's been a while. I wonder if this is ...
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How accurate is testing for HSV-2?

I've never had any symptoms of a Herpes simplex virus 2 infection. However, I want to find out if I carry this type of virus in my body. Is it true that there is an antibody test to answer that ...
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What is the likelihood of contracting genital HSV1 through oral sex?

I know genital HSV1 can be contracted from unprotected oral sex, but what is the actual likelihood? For example, what is the likelihood when the partner is asymptomatic vs symptomatic, and what is ...
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Cold sores: why do we get them on the lips?

At the end of a bout of flu or fever, I often get a cold sore on my lip area. Why there?
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