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Differential diagnosis for a facial lesion?

What is the differential diagnosis for a facial lesion such as the one shown? Appearance: consists of multiple small blister-like lesions in clusters under the eye and on upper cheek. Base edematous ...
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Skin under bulla hurt when in contact with water

I've conducted a case study with one contender and found out that interestingly, torn blisters (a large bulla in my case) burn when in contact with plain water. I really am talking about plain water,...
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Any cure for epidermolysis bullosa? [closed]

My young cousing has this skin disease, and that's awful. Any possible cure for this disease?
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Bitten by a Hobo Spider. How serious? Going to off-hour clinic tomorrow, but should I go to the ER now? [closed]

Sometime last night I was bitten by what appeared to be a Hobo spider! I live in Vancouver, British Columbia (Pacific Northwest). At first, the bite didn't hurt too much, but hours later, the ...
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Is it a good idea to use neosporin for opened blisters?

Is it a good idea to use neosporin for opened blisters? Example of opened blisters:
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