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Does skin picking cause skin cancer?

I was a skin picker (Dermatillomaniac) since several years ago. Of course I pick only the skin of my hand thumbs. I wish to quit it and I wish to know about two things here: Does chronic skin picking ...
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Does being transgender a mental health condition? If no, why not?

IMPORTANT NOTE: This question focuses on scientific aspects of gender dysphoria only. By no means I desire to disrespect anybody and will gladly have comments about any mistake I might have. My ...
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Fatal adult-onset blood/vascular disorder

I'd like to know if there's a blood or vascular disease/disorder that fits, or could conceivably fit, all the following criteria, even if only in theory: Present from birth Onset of symptoms, or a ...
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Difference between having severe social anxiety and Social Anxiety Disorder

I am sorry if this question seems offensive in any way: I am asking truthfully because I do not know the difference in diagnosis. My question is by which criteria social anxiety disorder is ...
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Wishing to be dead without committing suicide

Trying to commit suicide is a mental disorder if it's due to depression and alike. But- Is there a medical disorder where one wishes to be dead, without ever taking action (i.e. doing harm to oneself)....
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Scrotal swelling affecting a child [closed]

I would like to know any better remedies except operation available for scrotal swelling in a child ? My sister's son is affected with this... why does it occur for 1 and half year child? And is ...
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Do I have a disorder? (See description) [closed]

Now, it is hard to explain for me. But I need to know what is this. Because I have no idea what this is, I might over-explain. I tried Google with lots of different phrases, and it seems as if this ...
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Is Alien Hand Syndrome MORE common among those born with extra limbs and dactyls (fingers and toes)? Or not studied?

As stated in a previous post, Alien-Hand-Syndrome is: "A disorder in which a person’s hand or limb acts as if it has autonomous, voluntary activity independent of the individual." -- Medical ...
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Are moving "ghosts" after waking up normal or it is sign of disorder? [closed]

Sometimes when I wake up I see moving silhouette of a human in my room. It lasts roughly 3–4 seconds. Then it fades away. These silhouettes have no detail, so I cannot sort out its faces or any ...
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Need to find a good analogy

I need to explain to someone that Tourette Syndrome is more than just tics. I would like to do this with an analogy. People at my son's school keep saying they haven't noticed any tics, and they ...
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Musculoskeletal vs. muscular disorders

A musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) is one that is associated with a musculoskeletal system (locomotor system). Is MSD a subset of muscular disorders or a separate pathological category altogether? If ...
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Way to measure different degrees of a mental disorder? [closed]

Is it possible to have a disorder that might only display some of the symptoms, is not as defined, or episodic, making it "borderline"? Is there a way to measure, or at least express the severity of a ...
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How to cope with compulsive teeth-brushing? [closed]

I brush my teeth for 15-20 minutes and it's really annoying. I simply don't know how to force myself into cleaning them for a shorter time. I might have OCD, because when I clean my teeth I keep ...
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Epidural and cholinesterase deficiency

I have pseudocholinesterase deficiency (BCHE gene), but my wife does not. My wife may need/strongly desire an epidural for our next child. Is this safe for a fetus which may possibly have the same ...
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How to devise therapies using neuromotor task training for a child with writing problems?

I would like to devise therapies for a child with writing difficulties. This child has developmental coordination disorder (DCD), therefor he has problems with his fine motor skills. I would like to ...
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