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Have the potential therapeutic applications of cell fusion between cancer cells and neural cells been investigated? [closed]

Studies have appeared on the possible role that cell fusion plays in the formation of certain cancers. For instance, Sitar et al. (2019) have looked into the process of cell fusion in the formation of ...
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Monotherapy of multiple drugs or combination therapy - Beginner 101

Let's say that patient A is taking drugs like as shown below |---atenolol-----esmolol----nebivolol---------------------| |---s------e-----s-----e----s-------e---------------------| here s and e ...
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How are drugs encapsidated?

I recently came across "drug encapsidation". So far, I have come to understand that it is a technique to insert drug particles/molecules in the protein shell of a virus, namely the capsid. But I ...
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What is the difference between "clinician" and "therapist"?

I am reading the book Mindfulness and Psychotherapy, and at first I thought clinician and therapist are used interchangeably, but it seems not. So is there any difference between the two? If yes, is ...
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What does “serum” precisely mean?

What does "serum" mean in "Intravenous serum therapy"? Does it refer to the substance that is injected through the veins? If not, what do we call the liquid in such an injection?
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Therapist vs Psychologist

I have been seeing a therapist for over a year, and while I feel some behaviors have changed for the better, and she is the first therapist I actually enjoyed talking to, I don't feel like the ...
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What VR app that cure myopia? [closed]

Is there an app that can cure myopia, or provide therapy to exercise the eye to focus on objects that "seem" like a certain distance?
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