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Common to panic/have trouble breathing when an oxygen mask is placed over nose and mouth prior to surgery with anesthesia?

I had my 17th surgery yesterday so it's fair to say I've been around the "hospital" block quite a few times and know what to expect on the patient side of things. Everything went as expected up ...
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Therapist vs Psychologist

I have been seeing a therapist for over a year, and while I feel some behaviors have changed for the better, and she is the first therapist I actually enjoyed talking to, I don't feel like the ...
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recovery expectations/timeline for ankle-joint osteosynthesis removal

A 70 year relative complains on occasional pain due to osteosynthesis titanium remaining in a leg, also she fears potential complication if her diabetes starts to progress. Does it make sense to ...
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I've unprotected acceptive oral sex with 3 partners, two of which were from escort service. What are my chances to get some desease(s)? [closed]

I've unprotected oral sex with 3 partners, two of which were from escort service while I was in not sober state. It was a gay sex (I'm usually rather straight and it was my almost first gay experience)...
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Can we Walk for few minutes during Glucose tolerance test?

Can we walk slightly for 5 to 7 mins in every 1/2 hr after blood sample collection during 2 hrs 75gm glucose tolerance test? Does walking have an effect on the GTT? Below is the sample test result ...
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Dentures for my mother

My mother is seventy-five years old. She had been suffering from dental issues for so long. She has undergone four root canal treatments till now. But still, she is suffering from toothache and most ...
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Can a hospital bill me based on my name and date of birth? [closed]

If an out-of-state hospital has none of my information except for name and date of birth, can they bill me? I was hospitalized in NY for a night for excessive drinking, what can I expect or should I ...
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Why aren't fixed retainers (metal wires) behind front row of teeth affected by the MRI's? Isn't it magnetic?

I've had plenty of MRI's in my life, and I know the drill: take off the glasses, bra with a metal clasp, hair-tie with a metal band, all metal jewelry, etc. It makes sense. You don't want to put ...
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3 answers

Considering obesity using BMI

Why is it that medical assessments on obesity is based on BMI when BMI scales are inaccurate? Take for example Phillip Heath (Mr. Olympia 2016) Height: 5’9″ Competition Weight: 250 lbs This ...
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EverlyWell - legit?

EverlyWell is a lab testing startup. I'm looking at their food sensitivity test, didn't find a whole lot of independent info online (other than blogger reviews that were paid by the company). Is it ...
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What can you observe from MRI noises?

While in an MRI you hear a lot of different noises. The pitch changes, as does the pattern and rhythm. Sometimes there's one long noise, sometimes a beep-beep-beep then a pause and the same set of ...
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How does a late term abortion work?

Imagine this situation: A woman is pregnant with a baby in the 8th month and the doctors notice the pregnancy is affecting the health of the woman - so there has to be an abortion, for it is sure that ...
9 votes
3 answers

How do they make sure someone has really died before declaring them dead?

What is the way they determine someone died before declaring them dead? There are stories I've heard of over the years, people who's heart stopped, were brain dead, fell under ice rivers for half an ...
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Rationales behind the order of applying the torso straps of a Kendrick Extrication Device

The French team first-aid guidelines define that the torso straps of a KED should be fastened and secured in the following order: middle, low, top. (This order seems to be the same in other ...
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