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Why not use epinephrine in heart failure?

In a situation where a patient's heart isn't strong enough for surgery, why isn't it common for a doctor to give the patient epinephrine before the surgery? Do the effects of epinephrine not last long ...
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Can we Walk for few minutes during Glucose tolerance test?

Can we walk slightly for 5 to 7 mins in every 1/2 hr after blood sample collection during 2 hrs 75gm glucose tolerance test? Does walking have an effect on the GTT? Below is the sample test result ...
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Why doctor wont put stethoscope stationary at one point?

Doctor so often changes stethoscope on body, Then how can he\she identify heart beat rate?
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What can you observe from MRI noises?

While in an MRI you hear a lot of different noises. The pitch changes, as does the pattern and rhythm. Sometimes there's one long noise, sometimes a beep-beep-beep then a pause and the same set of ...
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