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Can anyone help me find this case of a boy who died from an OR mistake during tonsillectomy?

I realize that this is obscure. In the 1990s, I remember reading an article in either Time or Newsweek about how a hospital that screwed up a tonsillectomy, resulting in the death of their young ...
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Meaning/Abbreviation of IAAD IA & IAADIADOO

Did anyone ever come across any procedures/tests that starts with IAAD IA or IAADIADOO (Test for specific Pathogen). If yes, can you please tell me what does that IAAD IA or IAADIADOO mean or stands ...
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Why doctor wont put stethoscope stationary at one point?

Doctor so often changes stethoscope on body, Then how can he\she identify heart beat rate?
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Considering obesity using BMI

Why is it that medical assessments on obesity is based on BMI when BMI scales are inaccurate? Take for example Phillip Heath (Mr. Olympia 2016) Height: 5’9″ Competition Weight: 250 lbs This ...
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Brain shunt draining

A shunt inserted into the brain to relieve the pressure from Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus drains into the peritoneal cavity. Why could it not simple drain into an external container?
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Sublingual Spray Protocol

I want to start learning about sublingual spray mechanisms. Where can I start with? Thanks in advance
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How does nuclear/radiation dye improve the quality of my bones' medical-imagery? What is the purpose of a bone scan?

Yesterday, I thought I had went to the hospital for a CT-scan, but apparently my appointment was for a bone-scan (ordered by my orthopedic surgeon, who focuses on ankles). I was redirected to the ...
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What percentage of deaths in the U.S. are accompanied by an autopsy?

What percentage of deaths in the US are accompanied by an autopsy? I know that the deceased's relatives must give consent for an autopsy to be performed (if they do not already know the will of the ...
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