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Is combining an Alpha1AdrenergicReceptorAgonist (A1ARA) nasal spray with a steroid nasal spray a plausible practice?

I didn't find such a combo spray on AAAAI's website. According to no interactions been found between Prednisione (an oral corticosteroid) and Sudafed PE Congestion (containing phenylephrine) ...
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How does apnea trigger the urge to breathe?

I am thinking of writing about Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (UK spelling for apnea) out of interest in the condition (not a medical textbook). During deep sleep, in persons with a narrow airway, the back ...
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Does caffeine have any distinct biological effects to adrenaline?

Adrenaline usually is a "panicking response" and should, as far as I understand it, supresses any feelings of tiredness. However, someone I know has agoraphobia, which when triggered releases a lot of ...
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Why not use epinephrine in heart failure?

In a situation where a patient's heart isn't strong enough for surgery, why isn't it common for a doctor to give the patient epinephrine before the surgery? Do the effects of epinephrine not last long ...
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Why do so many people suffer from glossophobia (fear of public speaking)? How to overcome glossophobia?

I heard the surely fake statistic that the number one fear in America is Public Speaking. Yes, second to death. While that may not be an accurate statistic, it demonstrates that degree to which ...
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