Doctor so often changes stethoscope on body,

Then how can he\she identify heart beat rate?


Probably the doctor isn't using the stethoscope to determine your heart beat rate. Mine seem to use it to listen to my lungs as I breathe, and I've seen them used to listen for valve sounds or other oddnesses in a baby's heartbeat. The actual rate can be determined other ways: the stethoscope is more for observing the sounds in your chest. They may move on quickly from a spot because they can't hear anything useful at all, or because they can hear that everything sounds fine.

Anecdotally, I can tell you that when I had growths in my lungs that caused an almost constant cough, doctors held their stethoscopes in place for quite a while at a time, and now that those growths are all gone, they listen for a shorter time in each place and then say "your lungs sound completely clear." As an adult, I've never been told anything about my heart after a stethoscope has been used.

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