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Does a retainer prevent underbite relapse?

After correcting an underbite using elastic bands, I assume teeth will naturally return to their original position within the jaw unless you hold them in place, just like you would after braces/clear ...
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Baking soda + xylitol, as replace for casual flouride toothpaste

Are mixtures of baking soda + xylitol equivalent in effectiveness as casual flouride toothpaste? If you have good brush technique, good diet, brush twice per day, is this mixture mixed with, amount ...
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What is the failure rate of orthodontic treatments?

For orthodontic treatments such as braces, after completion of treatment, sometimes teeth return to their original position or some degree of misalignment. How frequently does this occur? How often ...
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Why aren't fixed retainers (metal wires) behind front row of teeth affected by the MRI's? Isn't it magnetic?

I've had plenty of MRI's in my life, and I know the drill: take off the glasses, bra with a metal clasp, hair-tie with a metal band, all metal jewelry, etc. It makes sense. You don't want to put ...
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Are retainers preferred to fiberotomies after dental work and, if so, why?

Long ago, after years of wearing braces and expanders to correct some pretty severe problems, when they came off I received what I now know is called a fiberotomy on my top teeth only. I was also ...
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I've always worn my clear nighttime retainers religiously. Can I get my permanent metal retainers taken out?

I have a permanent metal retainer glued to the back of my top teeth. I have a second one glued to the back of my bottom teeth. They were put on immediately after my braces were taken off. Here's an ...
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Can wearing retainers at night affect sleep quality?

Besides being uncomfortable, does wearing retainers at night cause any effects like sleep apnea? I'm wondering this because I've woken up with dry mouth multiple times after sleeping with my ...
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