I recently came across "drug encapsidation".

So far, I have come to understand that it is a technique to insert drug particles/molecules in the protein shell of a virus, namely the capsid.

But I cannot find a simplified explanation on how to perform it? On contrary, for drug encapsulation, there are many online materials and resources.

My questions are:

  1. How does one perform the encapsidation?

  2. Are the virus gene in the capsid removed and the drug encapsidated?

  3. How does a drug which is masked as a virus not get detected by the body's defense mechanism?

  • Where did you come across drug encapsidation?
    – Carey Gregory
    Feb 26 '19 at 5:38
  • 1
    @CareyGregory I have included a link to drug encapsidation in the body.
    – nashynash
    Feb 26 '19 at 6:26

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