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research into using parasites medically

Can humans utilise parasites medically to control diet? Parasites are dangerous and to be avoided, especially the tapeworm.
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The likelihood of contracting a disease from flies?

Given a housefly has landed on your food, and that you then consume it, what is the likelihood of contracting some malady directly attributable to the fly? I'm aware that flies can carry diseases ...
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Why is there no toxoplasmosis vaccine?

I assume there is some misunderstanding on my part about the vaccine-creation-process and which factors play a role in it. Below is my current understanding. About toxoplasmosis: Toxoplasmosis is a ...
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Why not getting rid of Toxoplasmosis pathogens completely?

I read it that a high percentage of mammals, including humans, carry parasites that cause Toxoplasmosis. Through my reading, it appears that it isn't really a "serious" disease. Nevertheless, ...
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Sensation of something tingling on head-hair - not itchy [closed]

I occasionally have this sensation that feels like something is crawling on a specific place on my head hair (left side about 2" above ear). It comes and goes, no certain time or periods to forecast ...
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Do lice survive on body parts other than the scalp?

Head lice are ectoparasites. Basically, they suck up blood, glue their eggs (nits) onto a human hair out of which the nymph emerges. The nymph stage grows into an adult and the cycle repeats. After a ...
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Health Benefit of Social Nudity - Parasite Reduction?

I have been conducting extensive research over the last few years on the history of nudity in social situations, and I am looking to expand my research base now I have come across a few other ...
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Incidence of anisakidosis in Japan

In Japan where raw fish are frequently eaten with no anti-parasite processing the infection of the nematode Anisakiasis became a required reportable diagnosis in 2012. Nevertheless, only 89 cases were ...
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Chances of contracting hook worm in Canada?

Hook worm is contracted through infected soil, feces, etc. If I am correct? Every website says developing countries are more at risk, but how at risk am I in Canada when I walk barefoot on trails and ...
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Can an infection with toxoplasma gondii be cured with the current medical state of the art?

According to the CDC, toxoplasma gondii is purported to be present in approximately 22.5% of those in the US above the age of 12, and is present in some populations worldwide at an incidence rate of ...
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Is one nit enough to produce a new generation of head lice?

The website below claims that one nit is sufficient to produce a new generation of head lice. Liceguard Link Regardless of which treatment you apply, it is recommendable to remove all (or as many ...
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Does wart treatment (such as freezing) kill the wart or only triger the bodies natural immune reaction?

I’ve heard competing claims about (plantar) wart treatment. Some doctors say freezing it with liquid nitrogen is to kill the wart, while trying to minimize the damage to surrounding healthy tissue. ...
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Permanent lice prevention

My kids have changed school recently and they started bringing head lice home, at first we thought that was one time instance, but there are few families (including parents) that do seem to carry lice ...
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How to check for presence of intestinal parasites and what's the procedure to get rid of them?

What are the standard procedures of detecting intestinal parasites in the body (e.g. Ascaris lumbricoides) and what are the methods to get rid of them in case they're present? Can CT scan detect them,...
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Do parasitic infections increase pregnancy rates?

A new study suggests that certain intestinal worms increase the number of babies born to women which is mentioned here and here. Are parasitic worm infections associated with a statistically ...
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