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Do collagen supplements help ease some of the symtoms of Lupus?

Studies have shown that arthritis (joint inflammation) and arthralgias (joint pain) are reported in up to 95 percent of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). There is currently no ...
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Chikungunya joint pain

It is true that there is no treatment for the Chikungunya virus and infection. That is not the same as there being no treatment for the pain. The CDC recommends acetaminophen but not aspirin or NSAIDs ...
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Almost every joint pops in my body

Some people simply have "looser" joints throughout their body due to less elastic connective tissue (and other causes), a condition called benign joint hypermobility. It sometimes manifests itself as ...
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Location of olecranon

Well, the X in the image is just below the olecranon. Pain in X could arise from the olecranon bursa or muscle tendons, for example, and you could still call it "olecranon pain" - this is not a name ...
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What is the name for an underdeveloped MCP joint in the thumb?

I think you are referring to thumb hypoplasia. Or more specifically thumb hypoplasia Type II. It restricts the movement of the thumb. It is a congenital disorder. The cause is still unknown, maybe ...
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Chikungunya joint pain

Kate Gregory's answer is perfect, but I wanted to expound a little bit on the "is it true that there is no treatment for Chikungunya joint pain" part of your question. James Crowe is a very ...
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Vegetarian equivalents for gelatin

If you are experiencing cravings as a vegetarian you might try supplementing some of the most common deficiencies in the unplanned vegetarian diet. Such as: Vitamin B12 Omega 3 (2 supplements - DHA (...
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Suffering from Gout problem need help?

You need to have some synovial fluid drawn from the joint and examined for Crystals. If none are present the condition is not gout. Other possible causes of symptoms are psoriatic arthritis ...
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