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Why aren't leg amputations done at the knee joint?

If you think about prosthetic devices, the answer will soon become clear. You would not wish to have your thigh bone extended by an extra six or eight inches (about the minimum distance that one ...
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Why aren't leg amputations done at the knee joint?

The bone cut must be proximal enough to perform a myodesis (anchoring the muscle through drill holes near the cut end of the bone) or myoplasty (suturing the fascia of antagonistic muscles together) ...
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I have painful/weak knees - which practitioner is best to see?

Please Note: This is not a diagnosis, it is being provided to help you and a health care professional understand possible causes of your condition. You must see a local professional for an ...
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Why do doctors use tendon instead of ligament in key-hole surgery?

Graham Chiu put it very well: "Where would you get a ligament from that isn't going to make you worse off?" We rely on our ligaments for the structural stability of our skeleton. This supersedes the ...
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Why aren't leg amputations done at the knee joint?

Because every piece of biological function that can be retained is one less act for the patient to re-learn and for a prosthetic to replicate. Removing a patient's knee and below means a more ...
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What tissues are incised to perform knee arthroscopy?

The video linked in the first comment to my question doesn't say what is cut to make the portals, but it does mention the existence of the knee "capsule" (cartilage, I believe). I finally ...
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I have painful/weak knees - which practitioner is best to see?

In addition to the above answer that provides guidance on some things to take into consideration when discussing this with your doctor/therapist, I will recommend how to approach seeking the right ...
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Are there any side effects of general anesthesia over local anesthesia?

Your anxiety is natural, especially if this is your first surgery. However, statistics are clear: Anaesthesia is safe. In fact, it is safer than driving a car. You should discuss your nervousness ...
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How to determine between a Baker's Cyst and a Deep-Vein-Thrombosis (DVT) behind knee?

Baker's cyst typically appears as a single or multiple lump with clearly defined borders, covered by normal skin without discoloration (Google photos of Baker's cysts). Varicose veins behind the knee ...
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Are football (soccer) players more likely to have bow legs (genu varum)? What can be done to alleviate it if that's the case

It looks they are relevant according to these two researches: Results: Both soccer players and controls had genu varum. However, the ...
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Rashes on back of knees

I have had this behind only one knee since shortly after I had 4x CABG at the age of 48. The doctor said is could be caused from a reaction to the cardiac meds I take. I take 25mg Metoprolol, 25mg, of ...
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