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Is there any adverse effect to my feet if I wear running shoes all the time?

From what I understand you asking if any type of acute or chronic musculoskeletal issues will arise due to wearing cushioned shoes during a trip. If this is the question: No this is perfectly fine....
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Can weak people use their feet when doing CPR?

Mechanically, if you have good enough foot control to be able to meet compressions guidelines, then a compression is a compression. But there are a few things to consider. Most importantly, what a ...
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Is there a method to distinguish nail from skin, for example examination under a microscope?

The branch that studies the different structures at microscopic level is Histology and histopathology (in case you study tissue for abnormalities). In histopathology you apply different preparation ...
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Is going to sleeping with socks beneficial or detrimental?

First, some anecdotal evidence: Whenever I slept in cold environments (cold room, camping), the feet were usually the first that got cold to the point I was not able to sleep. An obvious solution was ...
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How to be relieved of pain with in-grown nails?

I've had ingrown nails for more than 15 years and complete nail removal was never on the table. Wedge resection is a much more easy procedure, which may not even require anesthesia. It will also heal ...
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How to get rid of fungus from toe nail damage?

Your best and most efficient method in "curing" this situation is to seek professional attention from a podiatrist or dermatologist ( Particularly if you are still experiencing some pain ...
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Is there any adverse effect to my feet if I wear running shoes all the time?

It was not specified what kind of "trip" is planned. Extreme weather, height (mountains), ground conditions are quite decisive variables to consider. Then of course there is also the length of the ...
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Is there any adverse effect to my feet if I wear running shoes all the time?

Dealing with the exact same issue many times, I can tell you that the only troublesome outcome of this would be your running shoes wearing out faster. For example, after 8 months instead of 12 - the ...
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