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Medical professionals referring to 'left' and 'right': are they referring to my relative directions or theirs?

In medical documentation, being an X-ray, MRI, description of physical examination or other, the sides "right" and "left" should be always used as they appear in your body. So, the "left neural ...
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Is it better to sleep without a pillow?

For most people, it is better to sleep with a pillow according to the latest research. Sleeping without a pillow increases interocular pressure which is considered a risk for glaucoma patients. ...
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What is the correct brace position for car accidents?

There is no brace position because you will not have warning of a car crash. Think about it. If there was warning, why would there be a crash? The driver would use the warning to avoid the crash. ...
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Drawbacks of sitting with one leg on a chair

Drawbacks of the way you are sitting are: Confine your legs to one position, which can increase pressures under the knee cap and slow circulation to the legs. Prevent you from using your feet to ...
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Does sleeping on one side affect cognitive development?

No, this will have no affect on your cognitive processes. It may affect your sleep pattern; side sleeping help open your airways allowing you to breath better. Don't sleep on your back if you're ...
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is there evidence that determines the appropriate amount of standing time in a day?

Aren't you in luck, I asked a very similar question over in physical fitness SE: https://fitness.stackexchange.com/questions/31109/how-effective-are-standing-desks Here is the top answer: A ...
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