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Why don't we have mDNA vaccines?

There are two differences between as vector virus vaccines and mRNA vaccines. One uses Adenovirus and the other uses Nano Lipid Particle(NLP) to deliver the gene material. One has DNA for the ...
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Why can't we use genomic libraries for gene therapy or making transgenic animals

My text says we have to use expression libraries (cdna libraries) for constructing transgenic animals or for gene therapy, Now I can't understand why genomic libraries can't because for gene therapy ...
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Why has the Notch1 intracellular domain-transfected MSC expected as the greater regenerative medicine for ischemic stroke?

In Japan, SanBio's investigational regenerative medicine product, SB623, become a hot topic. The 'active ingredient' of SB623 seems to be gene-modified mesenchymal stem/stromal cells. That cells ...
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Can Telomers be tampered with using Nano technology? [closed]

Can Telomers be tampered with using Nano particles or nano robots that can be artificially used to CAUSE cancer? I happen to run into this website Talking about nano technology based cancer research. ...
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Why isn't there a larger effort to reverse and block the effects of androgens on skin?

Puberty wreaks havoc on skin. There's no arguing against the mountains of empirical evidence. Acne and pimples are the most common complaint, followed by unwanted hair and armpit odors, all of which ...
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Will Down's syndrome be ever reversible?

Down syndrome is caused by genetic disorder when in DNA chromosome #21 has three copies (instead of 2 copies). If I understand correctly then the Genetic Engineering is the closest field in modern ...
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Side effects of genetically modified food products

We are genetically modifying crops to change the way they look, to produce more out of less, or to make them resistant to certain diseases; they are subsequently being consumed by humans and animals. ...
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