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Is the sexual dysfunction from psychiatric medications such as SSRIs and lithium permanent or reversible?

Psychology is an important component of the human sexual response. Mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety spectrum disorders can significantly change an individual's sexual response. ...
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Is the blue light emitted by computer monitors deleterious for the human eyes?

Is the blue light emitted by computer monitors deleterious for the human eyes? No. UV from the Sun (or other strong UV sources, such as germicidal bulbs) is harmful. Blue light from a computer ...
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What are the effects of smoking in the first week of pregnancy?

You are still very early in your pregnancy, so it is likely that everything will be fine if you take measures to stop smoking now. I would highly suggest meeting with your OBGYN to discuss safe ...
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Any irreversible damage from not treating common cold right

Common colds are exactly that, common. Lots of people contract colds and there are no significant health repercussions. However, if you ...
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Permanent damage from anti-inflammatory

NSAIDs can also cause stomach ulcers, which may be fatal if left untreated. You can actually bleed to death.References:for ulcers:NCBIWebMDfor death:NCBIWebMD
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Weakness in a finger (pianist)

Go see an orthopedic surgeon; it's not exactly the most classical story but you might have some form of carpal tunnel syndrome. In most cases in can be effectively treated with rest, painkillers and ...
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Which deteriorates hearing faster; treble or bass?

There are a number of issues wrapped up in this question. The first, which deteriorates faster treble or bass, is that Presbycusis, age related hearing loss, is a high frequency (i.e., treble) ...
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