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How can I protect my eyesight when using computers?

The Vision Council, which represents the manufacturers and suppliers of the optical industry, suggests the following tips to prevent and lessen digital eye strain: Adjust the brightness of your ...
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Why does the healthcare sector need its own DICOM standard instead of using XML or JSON?

I would flip this question on its head and ask what you think the benefit would be to changing the underlying file format? There are a few points that I can think of that might help frame the context ...
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Using farsighted glasses to counter nearsightedness?

Note This answer is not a substitute for medical advice and medical advice questions are off-topic here. If you have concerns about your eyesight you must speak to your optometrist (or ...
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Is the blue light emitted by computer monitors deleterious for the human eyes?

Is the blue light emitted by computer monitors deleterious for the human eyes? No. UV from the Sun (or other strong UV sources, such as germicidal bulbs) is harmful. Blue light from a computer ...
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Which background color is better for eyes while working on computers for a long time?

Reading is better for dark text on light background than for light text on dark background. We investigated the underlying mechanism by assessing pupil size and proofreading performance when ...
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Are computers bad for health?

Mainly, these are the most prominent: Eye Strain: Dryness, Irritation, Blurred vision, Headaches Musculoskeletal Problems: Neck pain,Back pain,Shoulder pain,Repetitive strain injuries Sedentary ...
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How is the workflow of physical examination's documentation in the USA exactly?

I agree with the other answer and wanted to add a few things. At most larger healthcare systems in the USA, EHRs are used. Paper is still sometimes used in smaller practices, but rarely. In the USA ...
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Does a computer screen work as a lightbox?

I don't know if there is research on this, but if not, this might help. Natural daylight contains a wide range of light frequencies - hence the rainbow, when it's split up. At different times of day, ...
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Which one is better? Reading on a computer, on a tablet, or on paper?

To first establish a baseline: Reading is great for your brain, your mind, your intellect. But it can be bad for everything else. You sit, you concentrate, you stress your eyes. It is such a common ...
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Can mechanical keyboards alleviate the pain of RSI (vs. regular keyboards)?

Most searches I conducted for this lead to unreferenced opinion pieces or articles on sites selling mechanical keyboards. However, I found an experimental study conducted in the Philippines in 2022 ...
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How can I avoid voice strain when using speech recognition all day long?

The best thing you can do is visit a speech pathologist (aka a voice coach) who can work with you to make sure you are not stressing your vocal folds and other parts of the speech pathway.
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Which one is better? Reading on a computer, on a tablet, or on paper?

Reading on paper is way better from all perspectives. When you read on paper you are able to focus more and you are not putting pressure on your eyes and your brain passes the signals which help you ...
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How to reduce repetitive strain injury

I actually did a study on this (pains relation to posture) providing ergonomic assessments and follow ups for office workers. Ideally you'd look something like this: http://www....
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How to reduce repetitive strain injury

When you have a laptop on your thighs and you type, the wrists are bent upwards (forcedly) more than when you have a laptop on the table (higher). Also, arms bent forward and without support can pose ...
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I am not a student of medicine but a research scientist in Algorithms. I wish to contribute to medicine and am looking for a starting point.

Since you wish to contribute to research, I suggest you go to PubMed and read as many recent papers published on the topic to acquaint yourself with the latest developments to see if there is anything ...
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Is Low Blue Light helpful for preserving eyesight?

I don't have any information about whether the Benq monitor in particular will effectively reduce blue light. But to your question... "Is it helpful?" This article is fairly well referenced,...
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Does Apple’s Magic Trackpad put more stress on the hand, wrist and arm than a traditional mouse?

I have only anecdotal evidence; personally, I find the magic trackpad much better for most general purpose computing use and I believe it puts less strain on the whole lower arm structure. There are, ...
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