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Meaning/Abbreviation of IAAD IA & IAADIADOO

Did anyone ever come across any procedures/tests that starts with IAAD IA or IAADIADOO (Test for specific Pathogen). If yes, can you please tell me what does that IAAD IA or IAADIADOO mean or stands ...
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Is nurse prescribing limited to PGD medication?

Are nurse prescribers limited to giving PGD medication only? Or are there non-PGD medications they are permitted to prescribe? This question relates to NHS general hospitals in the UK.
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What's The Minimum Staffing/Logistics For Running A Hospital?

Specifically, a hospital serving a local population of 200-400 people, and assuming departments include ER, ICU, dentistry, maternity, outpatient, pharmaceutical, radiology, and general surgery. What ...
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Effect of Blood donation needles on skin

I have donated my blood 3 times now...all three times at different hospitals. The first time, a very fine needle was used...almost similar to the one usually used in injection or to draw blood for ...
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Warning Symbol on Nippy Junior+

One of our clients has recently been put onto a nippy junior plus positive pressure ventilator. Just to the left of the left of the settings lock symbol is the symbol shown below. I would like to know ...
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Verify Credentials for Nurse Practitioner

There is a Nurse Practitioner near our home who can do most routine things Doctors can do, i.e. blood test, flu shot, etc, etc What websites can help verify credentials, education, complaints, etc of ...
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