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Dentistry notation symbols

Unicode's Miscellaneous Technical block encodes a bunch of dentistry symbols: ⎾⎿⏀⏁⏂⏃⏄⏅⏆⏇⏈⏉⏊⏋⏌ It looks like the first and last two are used in Palmer notation. What are the rest of them used for? ...
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Is the abbreviation"r/o" on a test report used in the declarative or imperative sense?

I read something similar to this on the radiologist's report for a chest/abdominal CT scan with contrast, in a section headed "NARRATIVE" and a sub-section headed "HISTORY." This is the only content ...
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Abbreviations URTI and GE in a doctor's diagnosis

What do the two abbreviations in "Diagnosis: urti, ge" mean? URTI is presumably Upper Respiratory Tract Infaction, but what does GE stand for? Could it be related to Diarrhea?
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What is the meaning of "WES" "LEG" or "CAD" written next to a prescription?

I have 2 prescriptions of Predinisone, and on one of them it is written, "PredniSONE 5MG TAB WES" and on another one it is written, "PREDNISONE 10MG TAB CAD." Are they the same formula and only differ ...
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Markings on a 3ml syringe

I have some 3ml syringes with 23Gx1" needles. But there is also a second scale on the syringe that is marked as "M" and 40M is right at around the 2.5 ml measure. What is this M scale mean? I thought ...
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Largest number of NDC characters

I'm trying to set the data type for NDC codes in a database, with a length on the data type. When reading about National Drug Codes (NDC), I'm finding that most codes are either 10 or 11 characters. ...
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Warning Symbol on Nippy Junior+

One of our clients has recently been put onto a nippy junior plus positive pressure ventilator. Just to the left of the left of the settings lock symbol is the symbol shown below. I would like to know ...
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