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Clinical Notes database for research

My research is on extracting diagnoses from clinical notes/reports using Artificial Intelligence. I am strugling with finding good datasets that has big number of records I have MIMIC dataset but one ...
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Medical database with symptom frequencies

Is there a large medical database with symptom frequencies for diseases? I.e. the percentage of patients with a specific disease that have specific symptoms? For example (numbers and symptoms made up ...
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ECDC/PHE covid data clash

12 April's new daily confirmed cases for UK seem to be dramatically different: ECDC says 8719 (, while PHE says 84279-78991=5288 (...
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Is there common database about drugs from around the world?

Let's say I would like to find cheaper Chinese alternative or find a drug by an active substance (by Xylose Isomerase for instance). Is there any site that could help with that?
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As ICD is a global standardization of diseases, is there a global standardization of drugs and if not, why?

I have asked here the question convention about best terms to take 5 htp. Questions like convention about best terms to take X for humans, might be too narrow, because, theoretically, as more ...
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What is Spanish equivalent of webpage

Can you recommend any Spanish database of medical studies/clinical records, equivalent to English ? Medical texts should be in Spanish, not webpage necessarily.
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Online Genetic Test Repositories

I've found out that NCBI's Genetic Testing Registry database holds quite a large collection of genetic/genomic tests available. However, it is a database where producers/researchers submit their ...
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Why is Clostridium difficile toxin A + B outdated in snomed?

I'm looking at the new version of the Snomed dictionary and the concept 707993000 Clostridium difficile toxin A + B (substance) is deactivated (and outdated) since version 20170731. Can anybody ...
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Where can I find information about foods fatty acids?

Question I want to be able to search for foods by specific fatty acids. My specific use case is finding foods with short- and medium-chain fatty acids but not long-chain fatty acids. Are there any ...
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Is there a medical database with data (measured from patients) for research?

I am currently working on a mathematical project about optimisation problems in pharmacokinetics. To make it more practical and interesting, I was thinking of making some computations on actual data. ...
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Map of ragweed infested countries

I have a very serious ragweed allergy and I am living in Hungary which is pretty much super infested. I started wondering which countries are affected by this lovely plant, because I don't want to ...
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How is measured the transmission rate of virusses?

I would like to know how is measured the transmission rate of viruses, for example, there is a 'normal' flu, his transmission rate is '1', but for a virus like H1N1 the transmission rate is '0.2' ...
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Largest number of NDC characters

I'm trying to set the data type for NDC codes in a database, with a length on the data type. When reading about National Drug Codes (NDC), I'm finding that most codes are either 10 or 11 characters. ...
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