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2 answers

What are these syringes called?

I have a syringe that looks a lot like this. I'm not using it for medical purposes, but rather to create vacuum and pressure in hoses for testing out fuel delivery in small motors. When I look up ...
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Publication on the contamination of used needels by addicts

I am looking for scientific publications on the likelyhood to get infected with a specific disease by used needles which were thrown away by careless addicts. Which viruses can be found statistically ...
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2 votes
2 answers

What are the factors that make veins easy for a blood test one day, and difficult the next?

I take blood tests quite frequently, and most the time the technicians (Phlebotomists) spend a lot of time searching both my arms for a good vein. I pump my fists, and they smack my arms (and of ...
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How long does it take for a body to get rid of blood clots and bubbles inside a cannula?

The blood clots and the small bubbles that are stuck inside my cannula enters my body. I asked a doctor and he said its OK if the bubbles are small and clots are not dangerous. Are these bubbles and ...
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Plausibility of 30 gauge draw?

What are the risks, complications, and problems associated with using a 30 gauge needle to draw blood from someone with otherwise average veins? What is the certainty of hemolysis and would it be even ...
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Effect of Blood donation needles on skin

I have donated my blood 3 times now...all three times at different hospitals. The first time, a very fine needle was used...almost similar to the one usually used in injection or to draw blood for ...
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Should plasma and platelet donors be concerned about exposure to plasticizer compounds?

Once removed from the body, blood products have prolonged contact time with a large surface area of plastic: probably close to 2 metres of tubing, butterfly needle + attachment centrifuge bowl (...
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