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Comparitive exposure to spike protein between mRNA vaccines and an actual Covid infection

Do we have any data or estimation regarding the relative spike protein exposure between an mRNA vaccine and an actual Covid infection? This is a complicated question. Assume two identical humans are ...
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Do mRNA Vaccines tend to work only for a short period of time?

The two significant mRNA vaccines are for COVID and there effect is only about 6 months. Is there a cause and effect relationship here? That is, do mRNA vaccines tend to only last a short period of ...
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Is there any general consensus in the research on what the maximum duration is that the mRNA vaccine spike remains in the body?

Is there any general consensus in the research on what the maximum duration is that the mRNA vaccine spike remains in the body? I thought I read some time ago from CDC but could be mistaken that at ...
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Why *exactly* are mRNA covid vaccines delivered intramuscularly?

I would like to understand what exact processes make intramuscular injection of particularly mRNA covid vaccines the best delivery option. I've asked doctors and googled, but I get contradictory ...
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Does this Covid-19 vaccine study suggests a 1 to 718 rate of adverse effects?

As I have not much skill in reading medical research, I wanted to verify my calculation of this research result. A big peer-reviewed research paper entitled Safety of the BNT162b2 mRNA Covid-19 ...
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Why is booster shot needed when mRNA vaccines can induce memory cells?

My understanding about mRNA Covid-19 vaccines and memory cell is that they do induce memory T cell response similar to natural infection, and thus provide long term protection via the memory cell ...
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Why are mRNA vaccines not yet available against other diseases?

The mRNA vaccines against developing COVID-19 are obviously the first approved mRNA vaccines. We are probably at the beginning of an mRNA vaccine evolution. I've recently read a very interesting ...
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Can mRNAs modify our DNA (publication misunderstanding)?

I am a bit confused about a publication (few month old) which seems to say that RNA can modify our DNA. The publication is the following one. Unfortunately, I am not a medical expert (and even more in ...
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Does antigen expression from an mRNA vaccine damage the host cell?

When mRNA (from a vaccine) enters a cell and the transcription process gets underway, the host cell effectively becomes an antigen factory. How does the antigen leave the cell so that it can trigger ...
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Moderna vs Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine mechanisms

It is my understanding that both mRNA vaccines encode for a pathogen-like protein that prompts the immune system to bind to the simulated pathogen and render it harmless. Does the Pfizer and Moderna ...
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