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Confirmation my grandmother was an identical twin and why she didn't have the BRCA gene?

There's been a long unanswered question in my family until recently. My grandmother had a twin sister who looked very similar but no one knew if they were identical twins or fraternal. My grandmother ...
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How to determine the chances of inheriting an autosomal recessive disease if the carrier status of parents is unknown?

My question is about determining the carrier chances of an autosomal recessive disease without actually testing for it and to validate my understanding about autosomal recessive disorders. In order to ...
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Decide parent and child from DNA

Given the DNA of a parent and the DNA of a child of the parent, is it possible to tell which DNA belongs to the parent and which to the child? I've tried looking this up online, but could only find ...
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Can mRNAs modify our DNA (publication misunderstanding)?

I am a bit confused about a publication (few month old) which seems to say that RNA can modify our DNA. The publication is the following one. Unfortunately, I am not a medical expert (and even more in ...
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Is short exposure for a not high amount of radioactivity harmful? Has it benefits?

Background Radio active elements is the name for atomic elements with unstable nucleus. This nucleus can undergo different processes, each of them probably having different health effects. Problem I ...
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Is the code from the mRNA vaccine executed by the cells as a one-off? [closed]

Is the code from the mRNA vaccine executed by the cell that has taken it up as a one-off or does the cell produce the spike proteins endlessly (like a programming loop) until the cell is killed by the ...
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Why isn't the mRNA in covid-19 vaccines taken up by all types of cells?

I'm familiar with the basic principles by which the moderna/pfizer vaccines work. I'm confused about how the vaccines are able to make sure that mRNA is only taken up by dendritic cells. If mRNA is ...
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10 votes
2 answers

Why is the new mRNA vaccine unable to modify human DNA?

One of the most common worries expressed against the new coronavirus vaccine is that, supposedly, injecting mRNA into a cell has the potential to alter the human genome. I am constantly bombarded by ...
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Pedigree disease risk calculation IRL - how difficult/expensive?

The probability of a child being affected by genetic diseases like Spinal muscular atrophy or Canavan disease (and many other) depends solely on the parents being carriers of such disease. Suppose ...
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Why do age-related DNA transcription errors not manifest in children as readily as their parents?

When cells replicate, there is the occasional transcription error. As a person ages, these transcription errors accumulate. The reason that a lot of the elderly develop cancer, is the DNA governing ...
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Longterm effects on DNA of aciclovir

Since aciclovir works by decreasing the production of the virus's DNA, one might fear that it also damages DNA of healthy cells. I know that it is usually said that aciclovir doesn't affect healthy ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Race and bone marrow donor search

I've heard the argument that race is not a real scientific entity several times. Despite what on the surface look like very different traits, humans share significantly more DNA with each other than ...
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Effects of hypophosphatemia on DNA

There is a lot of supportive evidence that its role in ATP results in much of the clinical manifestation of hypophosphatemia, but I was wondering about the other roles where Phosphate is an important ...
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23andMe DNA Test is reliable?

Does the 23andMe DNA Test is reliable and worth to get ? Or there is nothing like the actual physical dna tests at laboratories. Does 23andMe DNA Test provide the exact information provided by ...
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What if we replace the DNA in stem cells with ours and we place the cells inside damaged organs to heal them?

I don't know a lot about stem cells or if a person's DNA could affect them in such a manner that if a person would have a damaged limb or organ, it would make it grow back with stem cell treatment.
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2 answers

Identical twins have the same DNA and blood-types, right? But different fingerprints? Why is that? Same for clones?

Identical twins have the same DNA and blood-types, right? But different fingerprints? Why do they have different finger-prints? What gene or part of our body signals what our fingerprint will look ...
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Interesting data from stool/poop

I'm interested in getting personal health data from unusual sources. What are some surprising things you can learn from your stool/fecal material, e.g. regarding: Gut flora Digestive health ...
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Is it possible to change person's blood group?

Is it possible to change person's blood group? I know it is not possible to change person's DNA, so what about blood group?
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