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Treatment for loss of consciousness due to lack of blood flow to brain

I am working on a fiction piece and would like to better understand the affects on the human body of a loss of consciousness from a lack of blood supply to the brain and the treatment required after. ...
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Does intense pain cause people to lose consciousness?

In many fictional media sometimes a character goes through a lot of pain and ends up being unconscious because of it. It this true or at least possible? In that case, why that would happen?
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Does gender dysphoria qualify as a mental illness when talking to paramedics?

I'm told that paramedics, when transporting an unconscious person, ask family/friends if they have any mental illnesses. Does gender dysphoria qualify?
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What is it like to go under with Succinylcholine?

I'm writing a story where the kidnapper uses this intravenously. There's no running involved. I'd like to know what my character will feel as it takes effect. Also any possible side affects (other ...
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Why consciousness is lost immediately when heart stops beating?

When heart stops beating - consciousness is lost in seconds. It is explained that it is due to the drop of blood pressure in brain veins. However, by my understanding - that should only make brain ...
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Intubation with bag-mask ventilation after pneumothorax or tension pneumothorax

Why can intubation with vigorous bag-mask ventilation rapidly lead to a further deterioration of an unconscious patient?
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Keeping a heavily bleeding patient awake. Why?

In case a victim of an accident or gun shot or other trauma of that sort is heavily bleeding, does it increase survival chances to tell them to stay awake? And if it does, why? I can imagine it might ...
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How long do people remain conscious, on average, after massive trauma causing catastrophic internal bleeding?

In movies, people who are shot or stabbed in the chest, especially in or near the heart, generally lapse into unconsciousness and/or death instantly. This doesn't seem to be the case in real life, ...
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In a house on fire, do children faint more easily than the adults?

Might sound like a weird question, so here's a bit of context: The story I'm writing is quite fantasy-driven (i.e. characters can seemingly "create" elements like thunder and water out of thin air). ...
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