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Is CO tolerance possible up to a point and likely to ameliorate COVID-19 symptoms?

There have been indications that smokers and people in India and possibly (?) China are less likely to suffer serious syptoms from corona virus. Although several explanations are possible, and the ...
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The effects of heating and lighting using open flames on brain health?

There are many sources that indicate that people are healthier and live longer than people 100 years ago. I have also seen studies that show IQs are higher by something like a standard deviation than ...
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Hyponatremia and hypobicarbonatemia

What is the answer to the following question? And why? An untreated patient with which one of the following conditions is MOST LIKELY to present with (relative to a healthy individual) decreased ...
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In a house on fire, do children faint more easily than the adults?

Might sound like a weird question, so here's a bit of context: The story I'm writing is quite fantasy-driven (i.e. characters can seemingly "create" elements like thunder and water out of thin air). ...
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Does carbon monoxide poisoning make you tired before it kills you?

Does carbon monoxide poisoning make you tired and sleepy before it knocks you out and kills you, or does it immediately kill you? Can you notice its effects and be aware of them?
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