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Is it actually possible to cut off someone's hand?

In Punisher MAX (a comic book) a character's hand is sliced off in a single swing (seen here - warning graphic content). Is this actually possible for a human to accomplish this? If so how much force ...
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How are performers able to "swallow" swords without harming their body?

While I recognize that most magicians and street performers that "swallow" swords are most likely doing an optical allusion, some people have actually done this correct? How is it possible for ...
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9 votes
2 answers

Dealing with triangle puncture wounds

In that picture it mentions how triangle wounds are impossible to stitch up. If that is true how would one treat a triangle puncture wound on the human body?
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What should be done if a person is stabbed?

I have seen in almost all video-games and movies that when someone is stabbed by a sharp knife, the victim "takes out" the knife from his body. Does it help the victim in anyway? What should be the ...
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Categorizing injuries under the Haddon Injury Control Model

I'm reading Overview of pediatric injury prevention: Epidemiology; history; application on UpToDate. It says: The Haddon Injury Control Model, proposes that all injuries are attributable to five ...
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How long do people remain conscious, on average, after massive trauma causing catastrophic internal bleeding?

In movies, people who are shot or stabbed in the chest, especially in or near the heart, generally lapse into unconsciousness and/or death instantly. This doesn't seem to be the case in real life, ...
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