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How accurate is this covid-19 article related to reinfection risk after recovering from omicron?

Sorry if this is wordy. I've tried to include the research I did, before asking. If anything is poorly worded, let me know, I'll try to fix it. This article, although sketchy, and slightly ...
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Is there UK data on the reduction in vaccine effectiveness for people who were vaccinated 5+ months ago?

Leaving aside the completely unvaccinated sections of the population (in themselves a huge problem), preliminary data from Israel and the US (in selected cohorts Mayo, CDC--on "frontline" ...
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Why do weekly deaths in the UK dramatically decrease during the end of December / beginning of January?

Looking at the weekly death statistics or the UK (something a few of us may have started the morbid habit of doing), I noticed an interesting phenomenon which seems to happen every year. The reports ...
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Does gender dysphoria qualify as a mental illness when talking to paramedics?

I'm told that paramedics, when transporting an unconscious person, ask family/friends if they have any mental illnesses. Does gender dysphoria qualify?
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