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How does apnea trigger the urge to breathe?

I am thinking of writing about Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (UK spelling for apnea) out of interest in the condition (not a medical textbook). During deep sleep, in persons with a narrow airway, the back ...
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Long-term effects of Vestibular Neuritis

The symptoms of Vestibular Neuritis (VN) are known to lessen or disappear over a much longer period of time than, say, a typical headache or migraine. I know that there are at least potential long ...
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Does intense pain cause people to lose consciousness?

In many fictional media sometimes a character goes through a lot of pain and ends up being unconscious because of it. It this true or at least possible? In that case, why that would happen?
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Is there any intelligence in heart? [closed]

Is it correct to say that heart and brain both are center of intellect ? Has there been any scientific study done to prove that like Brain, Heart also has intelligence and there are heart-signals ...
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What ingredients in this list are causing my hands to get warm? (improve circulation to my fingers) [closed]

EDIT: scroll down towards the bottom towards the bottom for my answer. Its thoracic outlet syndrome. If I do certain stretches it goes away. Its an issue related to my bad posture and nerves getting ...
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What does "axonal features" mean?

In the results of an electromyography comes: polyneuropathy with axonal features What does "axonal features" mean?
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Nicotinic receptors stimulation

I came across this question today, it says: Nicotinic receptors stimulation is directly responsible for … I should fill the spaces by one of the following choices: Increasing the excitability of ...
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How long can vestibular neuritis last?

Is it normal for vestibular neuritis to last longer than two months after taking a course of steroids?
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Mechanism of action (MOA) of Caffeine

Most people get a temporary increase in wakefulness or better ability to concentrate after caffeine intake. There are several known mechanisms of action to explain the effects of caffeine. The ...
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Why am I feeling too weak that can’t stand up after seeing new syllabus before two days of exam? [closed]

My heart rate increasing, hand is shaking, feeling too weak that can’t stand up Why is this happening to me??
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Does physical stress on vagaus nerve cause depression?

I usually suffer from palpitations due to stimulation of vagus nerve from gastric problems and sitting/lying posture. Recently I've been experiencing some abnormal mental stress patterns such as slow ...
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What's this about Chemical-Warfare?! Nerve agents?! What's the difference between VX and Sarin?

In light of the bizarre murder/assasination of N. Korean dictator's 1/2 bro at a Malaysian airport, the world's "deadliest weapon of mass destruction" has been herald as VX in all the news headlines. ...
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What is the difference between Axon terminal and Synapses

I've read from a book that axon terminals make connections on target cells. I understand it. but at another line they said that Neuron-to-neuron connections are made onto the dendrites and cell ...
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Fibromyalgia and Neuroplasticity

I am learning that the theory at the moment for Fibromyalgia is that the brain loses it's calibration about how much stimulus is painful or causes pain or like the volume knob is turned up way too ...
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Muscular involvement in psychological constipation

Is the underlying physiology of constipation based in the voluntary muscles (eg levator ani tensing, holding the rectum closed), or is it an effect of the slowdown of the digestive system with an ...
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Is there a negative counterpart to endorphins?

A neuropeptide, I suppose, or some pharmacological activity that facilitates the transmission of pain or stress signals?
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Attempting to move with nerve block? Harmful? [closed]

Today I had surgery on my shoulder to repair my torn labrum. After the surgery, I had the option of receiving a nerve block, which I took. I have been periodically attempting to move my fingers ...
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