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Effects of Exposure to Periodic, Long-term PM2.5 Pollution

The EPA's AQI quantifies air pollution, sets out ranges of pollution, and associates health risks with each range. Quoting from PurpleAir: "101-150: Members of sensitive groups may experience ...
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Which is more harmful, high CO2 indoor or PM2.5 outdoor

Smoke has enveloped the outdoors in my area, the pm2.5 in the area is high, currently at levels categorized as very unhealthy AQI 201-300. I don't have many indoor plants so the CO2 level inside is ...
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What happens when you accidentally inhale smoke once? [closed]

I usually wear a mask to cover my mouth and nose, because I am very sensitive to pungent smells. But one day I forgot to bring them when going out. I was walking to my flat one day, and was passing by ...
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What component of cigarette smoking is harmful to the bladder?

I read online that smoking could cause bladder damage such as cancer, but I wasn't able to find if the problem is the nicotine or the other additives found in cigarette smoke that causes the damage. ...
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Dangers of smoking hookah

In my country, hookah just became insanely popular. Government agencies alongside health organizations mobilized and started to forbid smoking under the pretense that it is as unhealthy as cigarettes, ...
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Is it dangerous to inhale agar-agar jelly

I want to make hookah aroma made from agar-agar dissolved in vegetable glycerin, aromas and high quality flavored vodka, but from what I heard, agar-agar expands within the stomach and is as well heat-...
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Does 'vaping' affect your lungs?

I feel as if the question to "vapes" is unclear whether or not if it is bad for your lungs. I have done plenty of research and have found people only talking about E-Cigarettes, leaving me in ...
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Do surgical masks effectively protect me against passive smoking and off-gases from cars?

I really find myself threatened by the amount of passive smoke and off-gases of cars I have to inhale every day. I know that surgical mask are not the ultimate solution to it, but can I protect myself ...
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In a house on fire, do children faint more easily than the adults?

Might sound like a weird question, so here's a bit of context: The story I'm writing is quite fantasy-driven (i.e. characters can seemingly "create" elements like thunder and water out of thin air). ...
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cigarette vs exhaust gas [closed]

People always associate pollution to cars, but as a frequent biker, I don't really smell anything from exhaust pipes for all 'recent' cars. When a car passes me, I can always know by the smell if ...
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Is smoke from oil lamp dangerous [closed]

There was a power outage recently in my flat, so I decided to light up some older oil lamp I found. I didn't notice that as the wick was probably too large, the lamp was smoking whole night. When I ...
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Gas from cigarette smoke

If a person walks indoors after smoking, they carry dust with them. But what about the gases from the smoke? Do those stick to the person or persist in the area and continue to pose a threat?
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How likely is a person to develop permanent health issues if he/she is sensitive to and continuously exposed to marijuana fumes? [closed]

I'm a 29 year old male, I live in an apartment, and the tenant above me is smoking a lot of marijuana every day and has been doing so for the last three months**. The fumes are entering my apartment ...
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