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Is there an explanation to why my stuffy nose seemingly disappears when I cover my nose while breathing? [closed]

Ever since I was a kid, I noticed that whenever my nose was stuffy, breathing through my handkerchief seemed to instantly make me breathe normal again. It has happened each time without fail for years,...
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What's the correct way to sneeze?

I know this sounds like a joke question (and while i'm sure it's funny) it's not a joke. I have always sneezed "weird" and many people can't tell the difference between my sneezes and coughs. I ...
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Why sneezing occurs when suddenly exposed to bright lights?

The photic sneeze is nothing to sneeze at! Even our beloved deep-thinker, Aristotle, pondered this phenomenon: "Why does the heat of the sun provoke sneezing?" And this, my friends, is the question ...
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Droplet Contact or indirect physical contact

I am trying to figure out what kind of transmission ..." non-vectored infectious disease through sneezing on someone " would be. I want to say droplet because its directly on that person, but not ...
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Catch a cold from the grass?

Every time I play with the dogs in the backyard, then the next day I get what feels like a 24-hour head cold. I've verified this at least 7 times. This doesn't happen to me when we run around on any ...
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Why do I always sneeze and get watery eyes when I pluck my eyebrows? Is it a reflex/trigger? Nerves linked?

Why do I always sneeze and get watery-eyes when I pluck my eyebrows? Is it a reflex? Are the nerves around our eyebrows linked to our nasal cavity?