I know this sounds like a joke question (and while i'm sure it's funny) it's not a joke. I have always sneezed "weird" and many people can't tell the difference between my sneezes and coughs. I always sneeze 3-10 times in a row, and I have some allergies but nothing extreme. My whole family does the multiple sneeze thing.

Anyways, I've always sneezed with my mouth open, but lately I've been trying it with my mouth closed. There's two ways to do it, stifle the sneeze or let it fly out the nose.

Is there anything I'm missing? How do you guys sneeze? Also wondering if anyone else sneezes a bunch of times in a row.

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Whatever you do, make sure you cover your mouth with e.g. the inside of your elbow.
Spreading bugs is a) bad, and b) impolite.

See this CDC webpage for more information.

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