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Why do my tears burn?

When I cry or tear up, my eyes start burning and get red, causing me to tear up more. It helps when I wash my eyes with warm water. I don't understand, because my eyes aren't dry to start with so ...
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Why do I always sneeze and get watery eyes when I pluck my eyebrows? Is it a reflex/trigger? Nerves linked?

Why do I always sneeze and get watery-eyes when I pluck my eyebrows? Is it a reflex? Are the nerves around our eyebrows linked to our nasal cavity?
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1 vote
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Why my mustache edges becomes poke after shaving my beard?

I shave my beard with the help of body soap (I wont use shaving cream) & I won't shave my mustache, but the left & right side of mustache becomes very pointy after I finish shaving. So I ...
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