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carb deficiency pathology association in sedentary people

Is carbohydrate consumption a recommended medical treatment for any pathology in otherwise healthy, sedentary people? By sedentary, I mean sitting at a desk most of the day, with no more than 5 hours ...
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why does having a bad cold make thinking harder

I find when I have a bad cold and talking to other people it isn't just me, that thinking feels like really hard work and the simplest job becomes really tricky. Does anybody know why?
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How to handle overthinking and being nervous all the time [closed]

I'm an application developer with little experience. I recently graduated from university and now I work as a app/game developer. My issue is that every time I get a new task or project I get very ...
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Can the brain be trained to handle oxidative stress better?

I have read that mitochondrial functioning causes oxidative stress (OS). I think mental work causes OS just as physical work does. Can the brain get used to it?
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Addiction to thinking hard [closed]

According to Wikipedia, Behavioral addiction is a form of addiction that involves a compulsion to engage in a rewarding non-drug-related behavior despite any negative consequences to the person's ...
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What can reduce physical symptoms of mental exhaustion, when you cannot remove the root cause?

If a person decides to work a mentally demanding job, giving their all to it, and makes themselves exhausted every day, what can they do to prevent/alleviate the feelings of exhaustion which plague ...
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Why can thinking make a headache worse?

I sometimes get headaches where if I try and ignore them and continue with my work, they get so bad I feel sick and have to have a lie down until it passes. I've found that the best thing to do is ...
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Can thinking too hard cause a migraine or a headache?

Can thinking too hard cause a migraine or a headache, and if so, why? For example when you've a math problem and you're concentrating hard on a task to solve it.
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How to eliminate brain fog quickly?

After 6 hours on a computer, I feel mentally exhausted. What can one do to re-energize the brain? Besides sleeping to speed up recovery, how could one eliminate brain fog quickly? I eat healthful ...
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