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Obsessive compulsive disorder is a psychiatric condition characterized by recurrent intrusive thoughts (obsessions) that typically cause anxiety or distress, and by repetitive mental or behavioral acts (compulsions) that the individual feels driven to perform.

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Contamination OCD - Urine

I suffer from contamination OCD. A while ago, I took care of a toddler and she urinated in her pants. I found out after a while so I had to disinfect every toy she touched and surfaces. However, I am ...
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Meaning of "There was no assessment of the types or effectiveness of risk factor controls over time in reducing stroke odds"

From a news article titled Having OCD May Triple a Person's Odds for a Stroke: Dr. Larry Goldstein, chairman of the University of Kentucky department of neurology in Lexington, reviewed the study ...
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Does being overly attentive to hygiene impair your immune system?

Like a lot of Japanese girls, I'm a bit obsessed with personal hygiene. Sometimes I get up 2AM to have a shower... after already having one before going to sleep, because something just doesn't feel "...
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What are the food behaviors of anorexic patients?

I'm a medical student reading a book about nutrition and Metabolism. In the description of Anorexia nervosa patients the writer states that She has a preoccupation with, and often a considerable ...
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Why can thinking make a headache worse?

I sometimes get headaches where if I try and ignore them and continue with my work, they get so bad I feel sick and have to have a lie down until it passes. I've found that the best thing to do is ...
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Can/Does Vortioxetine/Brintellix treat OCD?

According to Wikipedia, antidepressants can treat OCD, not just depression. Can/Does Vortioxetine/Brintellix treat OCD? How? It doesn't say anything like that on Wikipedia.
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