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Does light reset your circadian rhythm through your eyes or skin?

The CDC (and other sources) say that 20 minutes or so if sunlight right when you wake up resets your circadian rhythm, which helps with sleep, etc. Does the light need to hit your eye or your skin? i....
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carb deficiency pathology association in sedentary people

Is carbohydrate consumption a recommended medical treatment for any pathology in otherwise healthy, sedentary people? By sedentary, I mean sitting at a desk most of the day, with no more than 5 hours ...
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Earlier wake-up times in older people

Many studies led to the conclusion that the internal body clock period (circadian rhythm) is actually closer to 25 hours; that is, the clock was thought to drift toward a 25-hour day unless it is set ...
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Why is it harder to get up when forced to wake up?

I only noticed this for quite a while now but never considered it much of a problem but I noted that when I'm forced awake (i.e. someone wakes me up) I feel significantly drowsier versus when I wake ...
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How effective are digital blue-light filters for secretion of melatonin & getting to sleep?

Programs like f.lux (Desktop Application) and features like Night Mode (iOS) claim to reduce the blue light being emitted from a digital screen to improve sleep. Is this true, and if so, how effective ...
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How often can we pull an all-nighter until the body is irreversible damaged?

Many jobs in medicine, science, and economy require unsuitable commitment especially for early-career people. This can often lead to extension of the daily work far into the night. Assume a 30-year-...
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Why do we sleep more in certain countries than in others?

I moved to Canada 6 months ago and as soon as I got here I noticed that my sleeping habits had changed dramatically. Indeed, I sleep much more than I used to. I've always been insomniac and so I used ...
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World's decision to switch to LED lighting (to save $) cause more health problems? Migraines? Circadian-Rhythm? Seizures? Light-sensitivity?

I have not switched to LED lighting in my home (though I know that it saves a lot of money in the long run) because I know how it personally impacts me. Not only does it disrupt my circadian-rhythm (...
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Human Circadian Rythym, can we live a 36 hour day, or for that matter, a 48 hour day?

By this I mean, is it possible or advisable to change my rhythm so that I wake up on Monday morning, sleep Tuesday afternoon (I'm awake for over 24 hours) and then sleep for over 16 hours till the ...
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Any advice to sleep 7-8 hours? [closed]

I have 24 years, I am in this forum for suggestions, I've never had trouble sleeping, but last year I slept badly because I didn't prepare well for tests and I almost always had to study the last days ...
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