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Active ingredient of Chamomile

I'm curious if there is any scientific investigation into the active ingredient in chamomile tea,‎ and whether there is any research into chemically similar supplements.‎ Asking out of interest in ...
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Magnesium pills [closed]

I have recently been taking sertraline which is a medication in tablet form which increases serotonin reuptake in the brain causing you to have a better mood. This however had many side affects such ...
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Exercise and Stress Hormones

Does exercise have a direct and positive impact on hormones such as glucocorticoids, catecholamines, growth hormone and prolactin? Moreover, if one keeps a regular weekly exercise routine, is it ...
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Difference between having severe social anxiety and Social Anxiety Disorder

I am sorry if this question seems offensive in any way: I am asking truthfully because I do not know the difference in diagnosis. My question is by which criteria social anxiety disorder is ...
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What's the difference between a fast heart rate during exercise, and a fast heart rate during an anxiety attack?

I'm curious to know what the difference is between having a fast heart rate during exercise and having a fast heart rate say at rest or during an anxiety attack. It's known that exercise is good for ...
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How can breathing techniques lessen anxiety?

In addition to other treatment options, breathing techniques are commonly recommended for management of anxiety and panic. I am able to find good information on techniques, but I have difficulty ...
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Research On Chinese Medicinal Treatment For Anxiety?

I have been searching for analysis & preferable scientific review of Chinese medicinal treatment of psychological disorders... in particular anxiety. Detail: Passing by, I walked into a Chinese ...
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can smoking ashwagandha have the same benefit as the power/pill form?

I been reading a lot of positive benefits from ashwagandha lately such as Keeping blood sugar balanced Boosting testosterone levels Reducing level of stress and anxiety Boost brain function Having ...
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How to I overcome extreme anxiety without medication? [closed]

I'm a mother of toddlers. I'm incredibly overwhelmed with stress. I am very anxious about the world around me and I fear their safety. I don't have enough control of my emotions and I believe I ...
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Any drug interactions between Ginkgo Biloba and psychotropics?

What are the interactions, if any, and their effects to mood/health/wellness, between Ginkgo Biloba and psychotropics? I'm interested in answers covering at least these drug types: Selective ...
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How to handle overthinking and being nervous all the time [closed]

I'm an application developer with little experience. I recently graduated from university and now I work as a app/game developer. My issue is that every time I get a new task or project I get very ...
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I'm scared of certain celestial objects

I have a huge fear of photos of certain things in space. Here's a list: Nebula Galaxies Planets I am not scared of photos of stars (like the sun or distant stars), galaxy or star clusters (far away ...
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2 answers

How to stop panic?

I feel fear when I should talk to a girl or do my exams or do things I am obliged to do. It happens in the morning, I wake up with fear and I can't handle the situation. My thoughts are negative and I ...
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What are the effects of long term benzodiazepines use? [closed]

What are the effects of long term benzodiazepines use? I suffer from a devastating anxiety since childhood that progressed to a point where I had a panic attack almost every day. Benzodiazepines (...
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What is the difference between stress and excitement?

I was wondering if excitement is also bad for your body. I know it uses the same parts of the brain. And when i feel excited I don't want to eat and i get jittery. it is also the same with stress or ...
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What is a better treatment combinet with omega 3 , for improoving studying performance and reducing anxiety?

I'm using omega 3 currently and I want to add another supplement. I'm thinking about using another supplement and undecided between Ashwagandha and Rhodiola Rosea . This webpage shows that ...
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4 answers

Anxiety of everything

My wife has been worrying about cancer in the past from time to time. Five years ago, she told me there was a hard spot around her neck, and started worrying about all kinds of sickness she could ...
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Overcome emotions when talking to people [closed]

I need something to calm myself down when interacting with certain people(crushes included here). Sometimes I'm so calm, and I could say whatever I want, but most of the time, there's a wave of ...
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Are there permanent procedures to assist with minor Acrophobia?

I understand that acrophobia ("fear of heights”) may be issues with the vestibular system. I have a terrible time in tall buildings near the balcony or window, but I'm okay in a plane, ...
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How does anxiety and stress affect the bowels?

It appears to be accepted that anxiety and stress can cause constipation and Irritable Bowel Syndrome, but how does your mental state actually affect the functioning of the bowel?
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Anxiety and panic attack relieves [closed]

What are the best advices on how to get rid of anxiety and panic attacks? It seems like there are so many advices out there that is hard to know which ones are good and which ones are bad. Any ...
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Is breathing into a paper bag an effective treatment for panic attacks?

Some sources claim that breathing into a paper bag is a good way to control hyperventilation caused by a panic attack. The theory (I surmise) is that re-breathing CO2 helps to mitigate the respiratory ...
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