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Questions about carpal tunnel syndrome. It occurs when symptoms occur due to median nerve compression as it travels through the wrist at the carpal tunnel.

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The effects of operating a computer with only a keyboard

I am wondering what the best method of preventing Repetitive Strain Injury is... A mouse or keyboard. Specifically, using an application like Vimac. With Vimac, you can navigate all the menus with ...
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Any link between Cubital Tunnel Syndrome and "chronic" tendonitis?

Is there any evidence linking Cubital Tunnel Syndrome to "chronic" (persistent, non-healing) tendonitis or any other long-term/chronic issues with connective tissue in the elbow region?
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Strength training vs Carpal tunnel syndrome

As a guitarist, I have often heard that it was not good to train your hand with certain aggressive strength training tools. Are the more aggressive tools for strengthening your hand (Finger Pullups, ...
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How to tell the difference between not so serious wrist, finger, arm pain/strain/weakness and carpal tunnel syndrome?

Many people now a days, use the computer a lot. A very lot. I'm guessing it's normal to feel some slight discomfort, small pain regularly in your dominant hand, wrist, and/or underside of forearm if ...
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