I am wondering what the best method of preventing Repetitive Strain Injury is... A mouse or keyboard.

Specifically, using an application like Vimac. With Vimac, you can navigate all the menus with only the keyboard. It can be hard to find computer operations that you can't control with a keyboard.

So let's say that you had excellent ergonomics. For example:

  • Split keyboard such as the Freestyle Pro (with accessory to angle the keyboard to more of a handshake position)
  • Ergonomic keyboard layout such as Dvorak
  • Proper configurations and usage of shortcuts

Let's also say that we're talking about a typical user that only needs to accomplish basic computer operations. In this case, could a mouse be replaced with a keyboard entirely? Or should a mouse still be used in order to "take a break" from the repetitive task i.e. using the keyboard?

Prior research:

This article mentions that "Qutebrowser" (very similar to Vimac) can be beneficial for Repetitive strain injury, but is more anecdotal and may have conflicting interests.

And NHS.uk mentions:

Use keyboard shortcuts instead of the mouse to navigate and execute commands.

That's good information and lends to the idea that using a keyboard more often is a good idea. However, this doesn't address whether it can be especially harmful to never switch input devices.


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