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Can ligaments degenerate?

Tendons can degenerate due to repeated strains that overcome its adaptability capability. Can ligaments degenerate too? If so how to prevent/heal it? Some insight of the degeneration process is ...
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What's the relationship between thyrohyoid membrane and medial thyrohyoid ligament? Are they distinct structures or are fused together?

I'm studying the anatomy of the larynx and I can't understand If larynx ligaments such as medial or lateral thyrohyoid ligaments are fused with the membrane or not.
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"Focal tear of the [ligament name]" vs. "Tear of the [ligament name]"

I am reading some MRI report and see "Focal tear of the [ligament name]". what does the adjective add? In other words, what is the difference between "Focal tear of the [ligament name]&...
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Gradual stretching of ligaments and tendons (e.g. joint capsule), how to do effectively (e.g. hammer toe, hallux valgus)?

Some joints become deformed over the years (e.g. Hammer toe, hallux valgus) therefore I understand ligaments/tendons that hold them together/stabilize does stretch little by little. However exercises ...
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Does chronic caffeine use increase or decrease blood flow to connective tissue?

In the short term, the effects of caffeine are well studied both as a vasodilator and vasoconstrictor, but given that chronic use produces specific adaptations, is the long term effect of caffeine use ...
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How reliable is MRI to diagnose ACL (anterior cruciate ligament rupture)?

at the end of January 2019, I had an accident while skiing and was diagnosed shortly after with ACL (Anterior cruciate ligament rupture). The diagnosis was confirmed by 4 different doctors who all are ...
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Thumb RCL reconstruction - Abductor Pollicis Brevis vs Palmaris Longus

Tearing the Radial Collateral Ligament in the thumb seems to be way less common than tearing the Ulnar Collateral Ligament in the thumb and so I'm having trouble finding relevant information on Google....
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Any link between Cubital Tunnel Syndrome and "chronic" tendonitis?

Is there any evidence linking Cubital Tunnel Syndrome to "chronic" (persistent, non-healing) tendonitis or any other long-term/chronic issues with connective tissue in the elbow region?
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Who are some of the world's most recognized experts on the tailbone/coccyx?

Does anyone know of any researchers or practitioners that have extremely deep understanding of the tailbone/coccyx?
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How do I recover from a torn wrist ligament?

I tore my wrist ligaments and cracked a bone when punching. It is the 4th week and my hand is better but when I try to do push ups it hurts. My doc told me that ligament tear never heals. Is it true?
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Why do doctors use tendon instead of ligament in key-hole surgery?

For knee surgery, the most common method is to use a tendon from elsewhere in patient's body to replace the torn anterior cruciate ligament. But why tendon not ligament? Tendon have different ...
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