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Questions related to the wrist and any medical issues with it.

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Wrist pain when bearing weight and bending both sides [closed]

Let me explain it from when it started. 2018 begining I started feeling very light pain in the middle of my right wrist joint when ever I use it to stand up pushing my self using my right hand agents ...
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Do wrist supports promote healing for flexor carpi ulnaris tendinopathies?

I read on (mirror): NewGrip Wrist Support Wraps help eliminate: ...
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How do I recover from a torn wrist ligament?

I tore my wrist ligaments and cracked a bone when punching. It is the 4th week and my hand is better but when I try to do push ups it hurts. My doc told me that ligament tear never heals. Is it true?
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Wrist pain when bent back [closed]

I get quite a strong pain in my wrist when I bend it back, or play a wrist-intensive sport like squash, but the rest of the time my wrist is OK and my fingers don't feel any different either. The ...
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Scaphoid Fracture Explained in Layman's Term

I was diagnosed with a "closed displaced fracture of scaphoid of right wrist" today and was wondering exactly what that meant in layman's term. I can't seem to find a straight forward answer online ...
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How to reduce repetitive strain injury

Since I am a software developer, I regularly to a lot of typing when I program. What would reduce the risk of getting RSI if breaks are not an option? Currently my setup is a laptop using the built ...
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Can pushups/light weight training help with wrist tendinitis?

Sometimes I feel like doing pushups or light weight training can help me recover from my wrist tendinitis which developed because of excessive computer use as a programmer. Could this be true or not?
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Treatment of dorsal wrist ganglia

I've been researching dorsal wrist ganglion cysts and trying to find more information on treatment outcomes, both in terms of recurrence and incidence of complications. I found a good review article, ...
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How to prevent darkening of wrist? [closed]

I have noticed that when I use computer for long hours, a part of my wrist and palm color turns dark brownish because of the excessive use of the mouse. And this darkening of skin doesn't go away by ...
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How to tell the difference between not so serious wrist, finger, arm pain/strain/weakness and carpal tunnel syndrome?

Many people now a days, use the computer a lot. A very lot. I'm guessing it's normal to feel some slight discomfort, small pain regularly in your dominant hand, wrist, and/or underside of forearm if ...
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Right wrist pain from using computer mouse [closed]

I'm Shimmy, almost 30ish, Male, 6', 158 lbs. I'm a heavy computer user and sit in front of my homedesk for long intervals (5-18h daily). I use the computer mostly for working with text (software ...