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Upper Thoracic Pain with Coughing Sensation and Slight Nausea [closed]

What are some possible conditions that can cause the following symptoms? Dull muscular pain between shoulder blades in the center of the back, in the T3-T7 region. Pain is often triggered or made ...
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Protrusion or Extrusion?

Here is an MRI picture of someone who suffers from a backache. Does any one know that his problem is disk extrusion or disk protrusion? It does not seems to be a disk extrusion, yes? Thank you in ...
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Can Videogame physiotherapy help with dorsal hand pain? [closed]

I am thinking how to alleviate irregular bilateral dorsal hand pain. The origin can be C7/C8 dermatomes or radial/ulnar nerve. Etiology can be excessive sitting on camping chair (some hours daily) ...
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Treatment of dorsal wrist ganglia

I've been researching dorsal wrist ganglion cysts and trying to find more information on treatment outcomes, both in terms of recurrence and incidence of complications. I found a good review article, ...
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