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Is it safe to use olive oil to clean the ear wax?

Based on this systematic review, The safety and effectiveness of different methods of ear wax removal: a systematic review and economic evaluation: On measures of wax clearance Cerumol, sodium ...
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Are cotton ear cleaners safe to clean the ear wax?

No, they just make earwax problems worse by compacting the wax and pushing it further into the ear canal. You can buy ear drops containing carbamide peroxide that will dissolve excess wax safely. No ...
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What effects of earwax buildup persist even after the buildup is removed?

Recent guidelines by Schwartz and colleagues (2017 PMID 28045591) note that removal of the earwax should result in resolution of symptoms: Clinicians should assess patients at the conclusion of in-...
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How to clean out all the earwax buildup in ears from hearing-aids if hearing-impaired? Q-tips are unsafe, right?

I am not aware of any evidence based research looking at the efficacy of at home ear wax removal. In general the goal is not to make your ear canals 100% free of wax at the microscopic level. Rather, ...
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Is there any efficient treatment of Tinnitus (Ear ringing)?

While there is no single treatment to tinnitus as a variety of reasons can cause it some kinds of therapy might help ease symptoms. Tinnitus is a symptom and not a disease so it is helpful to pinpoint ...
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