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Based on this systematic review, The safety and effectiveness of different methods of ear wax removal: a systematic review and economic evaluation: On measures of wax clearance Cerumol, sodium bicarbonate, olive oil and water are all more effective than no treatment; triethanolamine polypeptide (TP) is better than olive oil; wet irrigation is better than ...


No, they just make earwax problems worse by compacting the wax and pushing it further into the ear canal. You can buy ear drops containing carbamide peroxide that will dissolve excess wax safely. No prescription is required in the US. Why you shouldn't use cotton swabs to clean your ears (CNN 2017)


I am not aware of any evidence based research looking at the efficacy of at home ear wax removal. In general the goal is not to make your ear canals 100% free of wax at the microscopic level. Rather, the goal is remove blockages and NOT damage the ear canal. The American Academy of Otolaryngolgoy recommends: Most cases of ear wax blockage respond to home ...


Is tinnitus curable? No, there is no cure for tinnitus. It is connected to a malfunction in the neurons which turn the signals from the ear into the perception of hearing. The usual cause is that the inner ear is damaged, and nobody knows how to repair this organ. You have to accept the idea that it will almost certainly stay with you for the rest of your ...


While there is no single treatment to tinnitus as a variety of reasons can cause it some kinds of therapy might help ease symptoms. Tinnitus is a symptom and not a disease so it is helpful to pinpoint the underlying issue itself and then address it. My tinnitus started after I was on a anti-depressants course(Escitalopram Oxalate) and as soon as I found out ...


I was advised to use olive oil specifically by my doctor, he was also very firm in his assertion that the ear should be self-cleaning by virtue of the villi (sp?) - the hairs in the ear canal passing the wax out. Can you put some oil in followed by some cotton wool to seal and then sleep on your side? That would allow body heat to warm it up a bit


Yes avoid getting too much water inside your ears I would recommend against using ear buds they do more harm than any good. Stop poking inside your ear Regarding your existing condition please go see an ENT specialist

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