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How effective is deviated septum surgical procedure?

According to the article How is deviated nasal septum related to cold: By looking at the information above you could think that the connection between nasal septum deviation and chronic sinusitis ...
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Is there any efficient treatment of Tinnitus (Ear ringing)?

While there is no single treatment to tinnitus as a variety of reasons can cause it some kinds of therapy might help ease symptoms. Tinnitus is a symptom and not a disease so it is helpful to pinpoint ...
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Can you relieve the symptoms of sinusitis by creating a negative pressure using your lungs?

In sinusitis, there may already be a negative pressure in the sinuses (nih.gov). One problem is that in sinusitis the openings that connect the nasal cavity and sinuses are usually clogged, so the ...
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How is nitrogen not exchanged in respiration?

There is no specific mechanism to carry nitrogen in blood, it is carried in a dissolved form unlike oxygen which uses the protein haemoglobin which is contained in red cells. Animals can not utilize ...
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What can extreme tinitis and other ear problems be related to?

From what I can piece together, you are asking about the relationship between fluid build-up, eustachian tube or sinus dysfunction and other cranial conditions. The key thing to realize is that the ...
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