No, they just make earwax problems worse by compacting the wax and pushing it further into the ear canal. You can buy ear drops containing carbamide peroxide that will dissolve excess wax safely. No prescription is required in the US. Why you shouldn't use cotton swabs to clean your ears (CNN 2017)


It is possible that hearing loss can be caused by cold water. Several different different types of benign growths can cause loss of hearing because they may block the ear canal. One of these types of growths are exotoses in the ear canal (aka Surfer's ear). Surfer's ear is caused by exposure to cold air or cold water. Odds are that frequent cold showers won'...


There are four different types of labyrinthitis (or vestibular neuritis): mastoiditis usually caused by untreatedOtitis Media, middle ear infection lueslabyrinthitis usually caused by a luetic pleurisy or meningitis. mengingogene labyrinthitis. usually caused by meningococcal diseases viral labyrinthitis. usually caused by viral infections The latter is ...

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